About us

Our mission is to create the healthiest and most unique herbal beverages on Planet Earth!

Like many innovative companies of the modern age, our business was born of the necessity to solve a problem...in a marketplace full of sugar filled and chemical laden beverages we saw a shortage of drinks that were not just good for you - but that actually tasted good too.

So...believing in the power of Mother Nature and that plant based beverages are beneficial to your life...we combined a passion for brewing with a dedication to natural health to create delicious herbal elixirs full of medicinal qualities.

From the vintage-with-a-modern-twist branding to the unique tastes that dance and linger on your palate, each Tealixir has a distinct flavor profile that is as refreshing as it is addicting...and made with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world, Tealixirs are basically a dream come true for the health conscious consumer!

Additionally, unlike all of the other brands that package their product in glass, we have opted for a 12 oz can because Tealixir is the perfect compliment to a healthy lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle revolves around the gym, pool, ball courts and beach...all places where glass is forbidden.

Most importantly, Tealixirs are beverages to be enjoyed by the entire family!

We must be onto something...because in just a few short years Tealixir has grown from humble beginnings in the back room of a Nashville restaurant, into a 3,000 square foot brewery based in West Palm Beach, Florida producing up to 12,000 gallons at a time.

We are thrilled to have turned a personal passion into a product that so many other people across the nation are now able to enjoy. Cheers!