What exactly is Tealixir?

Tealixir is craft-brewed fermented tea. Commonly known as kombucha, it is a non-alcoholic, ancient health remedy originating in Asia and Eastern Europe thousands of years ago.Tealixir takes Kombucha to the next level with medicinal herbs and spices inspired by traditions of herbal medicine all over the world.

Is There Alcohol In Tealixir?

Tealixir is a non-alcoholic beverage. All fermented foods will have some alcohol, however, the trace amounts are .5% or less - about the equivalent of a non-alcoholic beer.

What is the Sugar Content?

There are 5 grams of Sugar and 30 Calories per 6 oz serving.Thanks to the natural process of fermentation, the organic cane sugar used in the brewing process acts as a catalyst for the symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast to convert the raw brew into a nutritious elixir. When the yeasts have consumed all of the sugars fermentation stops.

Does Tealixir Have Caffeine?

Tealixir uses black, green and white tea (Camellia sinensis) plants that contain caffeine. However, black tea which is the highest in caffeine content, still contains considerably less than coffee. Additionally, tea contains an anxiety reducing compound called L-theanine which actually reacts antagonistically with the stimulatory effects of caffeine producing a calming effect after ingestion.

What Are The Health Benefits of Tealixir?

Tealixir contains many of the bacterial acids and enzymes that are needed for detoxifying your body, antioxidants to strengthen your immune system, pro-biotic flora instrumental in proper digestion and vitamin absorption and the full range of B vitamins to provide your body with energy and sharpen your mind.

How Is Tealixir Made?

Our approach is similar to that of a craft-beer brewer. All ingredients are steeped directly in the boil, which allows for superior taste, a potent extraction of the medicinal benefits of the herbs

and spices, and lots of creativity. Our water is purified through a reverse osmosis filtration system and our ingredients are all organic: black and green teas, dried fruits and flowers, herbs and spices and cane sugar. We utilize an ancient fermentation process that requires a living culture of bacteria and yeast resulting in a pro-biotic beverage rich in enzymes, vitamins and minerals and beneficial acids.

Is Tealixir Safe For Children?

It sure is! Other popular beverages such as colas, fruit juices and sports drinks are like liquid candy, packed with sugar, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and calories and are considered a major factor in the childhood obesity epidemic. Tealixir uses all organic ingredients, reverse osmosis filtered water, is low in sugar, vegan, gluten free, highly nutritious and totally delicious!